Sculptural Nude

Information on modelling for a Sculptural Nude shoot

First off thank you for considering modelling for Sculptural nudes, here are some of the basics regarding modelling.

Please feel free to have a read of the experiences of people I've had the privilege of working with.


You must be 18 years of age or older.

The photos are of the nude body so feeling comfortable or willing to push your boundaries to be photographed nude.♦♦

♦♦ When I say 'photographed nude' I'm referring to very tasteful and artist photographs of the body, that are a million miles from porn.

What costs are involved?

Sitting Fee / Creative Fee $450
( This includes a $100 non-refundable retainer once booking has been set.  Booking fee and studio setup time )

This covers ;

  • The initial shoot (Typically 2 hours).
  • The best photos from the shoot will be edited ♦♦
  • Full resolution watermarked copies of edited photos on pen drive.

♦♦It depends how many good images there are from the session. I like to finish images off to a very high standard. Normally from a 2 hour shoot I will deliver between 10-15 photos to the model. I strongly believe in quality over quantity, that is I prefer to make ten awesome photos from a session available rather than 50 mediocre photos.

What does a Sculptural nude shoot involve?

The shoot itself;

  • The shoots typically last about 2 hours.
  • I use studio flash that has a constant 'modelling light' so I can see what the photo looks like before I take it, which allows more to give you plenty of direction if you don't have any modelling experience.
  • I convert my living room into a studio which is private and warm.

 As the model please consider;

  • Please wear loose fitting clothing for at least an hour prior to the shoot in order to avoid pressure marks on the skin. This saves me a LOT of time later on.
  • Bring a dressing gown or similar to wear while I'm adjusting the lights etc.
  • With nude shots, make sure you explain your limits in advance and communicate them to me. My idea about what a nude shoot is may not be the same as yours. The session will be more relaxed if I know what you will do but especially how you won't pose. It's YOU on the photos so YOU have to define the limits and communicate them.


While I will strive to edit images fairly soon and make a webgallery so the model can have a look at the images from the shoot, it my be several weeks before I have finished editing the photos (depending on workload).

When a male photographer makes pictures of female models there are a lot of questions cropping up, so let me help a bit with some of the more frequently asked ones to clear up misconception now; I create photographs because I like to, I get to meet amazing people and it's a great way to explore my creativity.

So if you are interested in modelling please contact me.

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